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Providing key exposure to the luxury segment of Leisure, Business, Groups and MICE markets worldwide since 1998

If your hotel already appears on Luxury Group website it is due to its qualification based on Luxury Group’s strict standards, however it is subject to removal at any time without notice at Luxury Group’s discretion unless under contractual agreement. Contact Us if you wish to dramatically increase your worldwide exposure and sales with ability to track

We believe there is genius in simplicity.

Luxury Group provides a perfectly intelligent augmentation to your existing distribution channel.

Benefit from Luxury Group's global exposure, marketing prowess, industry recognition and presence on the Internet since 1998. A worldwide reputation and hotel client list consisting of the most prestigious and highest respected entities in the entire hospitality industry. We know what is most important to you as a hotelier and we are fully aware that effective brand marketing, sales and distribution channels and infrastructures are crucial in driving revenue for our partner hotels. Luxury Group invests in the latest technology, systems and talent towards the goal of effectively creating brand awareness and directing guests to our hotel partners. Whilst there are countless mediums which focus and cater to " price shoppers " Luxury Group focuses and markets to seekers of highest quality luxury accommodations offering the best value in their desired destination

Luxury Group enables guests or their representatives to interact and book directly with your hotel. Hotels maintain full control over rates, inventory and policies. The world's highest quality, best known and most respected Hotels, Resorts & Spas have discovered the importance and wisdom of providing their guests with an option to interact with them directly and Luxury Group is the recognized and trusted global leader in providing that option in the luxury category worldwide

We believe and are aware that discerning hotel guests are only concerned with the quality and value they receive from a hotel and not the organization or network a hotel or the agents who suggest them are affiliated with.This is heavily evidenced by candid reviews placed on numerous public mediums daily

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